The purpose of the Landings Wood Worker’s Guild is to build a community of individuals in or near “The Landings” on Skidaway Island, Georgia with a shared interest in woodworking and a desire to connect socially and share knowledge, skills and resources.

What We Do

We meet monthly to stay in touch, demonstrate woodworking techniques and have dinner together.  When possible, we organize field trips to visit businesses or individuals and bring in experts in some aspect of woodworking of interest to the organization members.

In addition we have set up teams to build furniture pieces for a local charity, Safe Shelter, and many individuals have made pieces for neighbors and friends.

Perhaps the most important part of the group is that through the membership we have begun to understand the many skills and experiences in the organization and have some to help each other advance our knowledge and skills through informal meetings.

In addition, the spouses of the woodworkers meet at the same time the woodworkers get together.  They have formed a great group of their own.

If you have not already, please see the “Areas of Interest” page and give your inputs for topics you would like to see presented and ones you would like to present.

Take a Look!

We are fortunate to have a number of members with exceptional experience in woodworking and related fields and businesses.  There is a wealth of knowledge to draw upon for those with an interest.

Take a look at the gallery page to see just a few of the member’s work.  .

Contact us if you have an interest in joining.

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  1. With help from Fred Langley, I have created an information post card about the Guild. Copies have been provided to The Landings “Welcome Wagon Lady” who has agreed to provide them to any new residents expressing an interest in the Guild. I will have some with me at our monthly meetings if you know of someone who might be interested.
    Ed Harvey

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