As a member of Landings Woodworkers (LWW), you can post pictures of your work that show in the Gallery.

Before you start, you need a picture of your work in jpeg or png format. It should be at least 2048 pixels wide to show well, though that is not mandatory.

To Upload:

  1. Click on Upload Image in the nav bar
  2. Fill in a title
  3. Fill in a description
  4. If this is your work skip the Woodworker section, your user name from your profile is used. Otherwise check Use Other Woodworker and select the woodworker. If there were multiple woodworkers, you can select all of them, including yourself
  5. Select a category
  6. Select a sub-category if applicable
  7. Select tags that apply. If there are tags you want that are not there, email admin requesting the addition, you can edit your images later to add new tags
  8. Click Browse to open a file selector, then select your image file/s. Or you can drag and drop files.
  9. Press Upload to add your image/s to the gallery. If there are any errors in input, the form will show them, correct and press Upload again

Please do not upload multiple images of the same subject as multiple gallery entries. Instead upload them all at once so a sub-gallery is created. You can choose which one will be the gallery thumbnail. You can also put a description on any/all images in the sub-gallery.


  • The message and highlight for some mobile browsers may not be scrolled into view. If upload does not start, scroll up and look for missing required fields
  • The upload progress is only working on the first image, multiple images will continue to upload
  • Drag ordering of image thumbnails is not working on touch screens, select images in the order you want them with the file picker

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